• Homestead Patio
  • Homestead Fountain
  • Homestead Firepit
  • Homestead Water Feature

The owner’s of this residence in had just finished a remodel of their home that minimized their existing patio. A design was created that resulted in enlarging their patio and outdoor living space, while also adding more visual appeal to their backyard.

A concrete paver patio was installed to blend the old and new patios;  the pavers were laid over the old patio so that it would blend in with the new area.

A fire pit and seat wall were incorporated to extend the months that they could use the outdoor living space. The fire pit also appealed to their teenage children and friends.

To make the space more visually appealing, unsightly air conditioning units were screened with a cedar lattice fence.

A calming water feature accented with perennial color was added under a large shade tree as a focal point.

Low voltage lighting was installed throughout the backyard to extend the daylight hours and give more definition at night.

The end result was new landscape that was aesthetically pleasing, inviting to guests and functional for the family.